First Letter to Katelyn

On August 14, 2008, Scott and I drove to the hospital so that I could deliver Katelyn, knowing that she would be born without life.  I don’t remember much of the details, but I do remember asking Scott for a piece of paper as soon as they took us to a room.  These were my first words to Katelyn.  She was already in Heaven, but I know she heard them.

 Dear Katelyn Grace,

     Your Daddy and I love you very much.  We wish we could have met you, but I guess God had other plans.  You must be so extra special that He wanted you home with Him. 

     We miss you so much even though we have never met you.  I know you would have been Daddy’s little girl and he wanted that more than anything else in the world.

     I know your Daddy and I will get to meet you someday, but it breaks our hearts that it can’t be right now.  I want you to know that your Daddy and I love each other very much and we wanted to share that love with you.

     Gracie, you will always be in our hearts.  I feel like part of my soul has been ripped out because I will no longer feel you in my belly.

     We miss you already and will think of you every time we look towards Heaven.

                                                                                         We Love You,

                                                                                                Mommy and Daddy