What We Have Learned

We already knew that we serve a God who wants to heal our pain and we have the faith that He will. What we didn’t know is how humble we would become after the loss we suffered.  When things go as planned, we often make decisions without consulting God about them.  We also sometimes put our needs in front of others.  That has all changed.  Now, God is everything to us.  He is the light that burns brightly every night we spend without Katelyn and He is the first thought that comes into our minds in the mornings.  Without Him, we would not have hope.  We can’t even imagine what that would be like.  

We have also learned that:   

GOD CAN and WILL continue to comfort us

GOD CAN and WILL love us forever

GOD CAN AND WILL take away our pain

GOD CAN and WILL heal our brokenness

GOD CAN and WILL fill the void in our hearts

GOD CAN and WILL cover us with His grace

GOD CAN and WILL hold us close to Him

GOD CAN and WILL strengthen us

GOD CAN and WILL protect us

If WE Believe in His Son Jesus