Journeys of a Baby Angel Named Grace

Book 1 - Grace Meets An Angel

Katelyn Grace Boydston

Katelyn Grace Boydston

Once upon a time there was a baby angel named Katelyn Grace. For 9 long months “Gracie” grew and grew in her mommy’s tummy.  Her Mommy and Daddy always called her “Gracie” because she was going to be their gift from God. 

Some days Gracie would do somersaults and what felt to her Mommy like cartwheels.  Other days she would catch up on her sleep and only get really excited when her Daddy would read to her at night.

Gracie’s Mommy and Daddy saw her many times on a monitor at the doctor’s office.  One day Gracie even looked straight at the camera so they could see her eyes.  She was still in her mommy’s tummy but her Mommy and Daddy felt like she was already with them. 

Everyone was excited for Gracie’s arrival.  The day grew near for Gracie to be born.  She had less and less room to grow so she kept kicking the inside of her mommy’s tummy so much that you could see her little foot pushing up against her mommy.  It was very funny to watch as she moved around, excited to meet everyone on the outside that she could hear but not see.  

One day though Gracie was visited by an angel.  The angel told her that she would be going to see Jesus instead of her Mommy and Daddy.  Little baby Gracie cried a little bit because she wanted to meet her Mommy and Daddy.  She knew how much they loved and wanted her since they told her each and every day.  Her Daddy would even read to her in funny voices sometimes that would make her giggle and shake her Mommy’s tummy.

Gracie was a little afraid of going somewhere without them.  She looked up and knew that if she went with the angel, her Mommy and Daddy would be very sad.  She did not want them to be sad.  Then she remembered all the times they prayed to Jesus, so she thought it might be ok if she got to meet Him first. 

The angel knew that Gracie wanted to meet Jesus but she also wanted to spend time with her Mommy and Daddy.  So, the angel whispered to Gracie that even though she would be going to see Jesus, she could watch her Mommy and Daddy from up in Heaven.   

“Why can’t I stay with my Mommy and Daddy for a while and then go see Jesus?” asked baby Gracie.  The angel closed her eyes and prayed for Jesus to give her the words she needed.  She knew the pain Gracie’s Mommy and Daddy would face.  Tears welled up in the angel’s eyes.  She whispered in Gracie’s ear, “because Jesus wants you to come see Him.  He loves you so much and he does not want you to hurt…” “But I don’t hurt!” cried Gracie, “I feel so loved and happy and I want to see my Mommy and Daddy!”

“I know” said the angel “but you are very sick on the inside and Jesus wants to take your hurt away and bring you home to see Him. When you are in Heaven, you won’t ever, ever, ever feel any pain.”

Gracie did not fully understand what was going to happen, but she remembered all the times her Mommy and Daddy talked about Jesus and how much they loved Him, so she thought that if she met Him first, she could then tell her Mommy and Daddy everything about Him. The angel knew Gracie did not fully understand what would happen but Jesus would explain it to her.  She also knew that Jesus would comfort Gracie the moment she took her last breath on earth.

The angel knew Gracie only had a few more minutes left before she would meet Jesus, so she reached out and cradled her in Her arms, singing a lullaby until Gracie fell asleep.  After kissing Gracie’s apple cheeks and watching her peacefully take her last breath, the little angel flew back up to Heaven to watch as Katelyn opened her eyes to see Jesus holding her.