Our Mission

Stillborn babies are not talked about often, nor is there much information on the topic. We created this site as a starting place for all parents and relatives of a stillborn to obtain the information that we found helpful and give them a place to start healing.

You are probably asking “Why us?” “Why our baby?”. We asked the same questions. There was no comfort to be found in the answers because medically there were none.  Only God knows why Katelyn’s heart stopped and for now we have to accept that there are no answers for us at this point.  

We can’t even imagine anything more painful for a parent than to lose a child.  It is truly devastating.  But there is hope.  We know that we will see Katelyn again, but until that day we will remain faithful to God and his purposes for us.  He has set us on this journey with hearts open and ready to show others how healing can only come from Jesus Christ. Through his grace we are healing.

We are truly sorry for your loss and know exactly how you feel. We hope that through the information presented on this site, we can help you through this season, not around it. We just ask that you keep your hearts open as we share our story.