What Has Helped Us

Katelyn's Stone

Katelyn's Stone


1.   Planting a tree near Lake Michigan dedicated to Katelyn Grace with a stone that shows our faith that Katelyn is in Heaven.  She was stillborn, but she was Still Born.

2.   Launching this web site with hearts full of a desire to help other couples who have lost infants.  It captures the painful story of our loss, but it also shows that with Jesus we will get through this season. We hope to connect with other couples who have lost their babies and show them the peace, hope and healing that only Jesus can offer.

3.    Remembering Katelyn in our prayers at night


4.    Wearing bracelets with this web site information to serve as a constant reminder that our ministry will only grow if we keep God in the center of everything we do


5.    Decorating a Christmas tree with angels to show how Katelyn Grace will always be in our hearts


6.    Keeping a small box with a lock of her hair, her footprints, and her first blanket


7.    Praying with other families who have had a similar loss


8.    Writing journals and small stories that capture our grief and hopes for the future


9.    Having a strong support system with our families and our church. The continuous amount of letters, cards, gifts (angels), visits and chats with our family, friends, and pastors has been amazing. 



10. …The never-ending Grace that Jesus has rained down on us since Katelyn left us to be with Him and just knowing that when she first opened her eyes, she saw Jesus!