Heaven is the Face – Stephen Curtis Chapman

September 28, 2009 by Audreys · Leave a Comment 

Heaven is the Face – Stephen Curtis Chapman

This song captures a lot of what we dreamed about with Katelyn Grace. After listening to the words for the first time, I could feel the pain through each verse being sung.  I am not sure exactly what it was, but something in the words prompted me to search online for anything related to Stephen Curtis Chapman and a little girl.  I had no idea my search would result in an article about how he lost a little girl too.  My heart broke as I read the news article.  Maria Sue Chapman went to Heaven just after she turned 5 due to an accident.  The circumstances are not the same by any means, but the pain is just as real for both of us and our families. 

There is one verse in particular that captures what we imagine it will be like when we meet Jesus and Katelyn in Heaven someday.   

“Heaven is the place where she takes my hand

And leads me to You and we both run into Your arms”

This song and the words were definitely inspired by God.  What a blessing it is to know that He works through even the most tragic of circumstances.  I can only pray for the Chapman family and hope that Stephen is granted some peace just by knowing he is encouraging others who have suffered the loss of a child by sharing his pain through the words to a simple song.   

I pray that the words to this song offer some peace to you as we all wait for the day when we will meet up with our blessed little children.