Time spent with Katelyn - Video

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Another Katelyn Grace

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Below is the story of another baby girl named Katelyn Grace. She joined our Katelyn in Heaven 6 days later. Thanks to Susanne for sharing her story

Hi, everyone. I wanted to share my family’s story, and it’s pretty amazing because my daughter is also Katelyn Grace. Katelyn was born into heaven on August 21, 2008. I had a very uneventful pregnancy, but it was so joyful. We had tried to conceive for about 18 months, taking clomid, being tested for various complications. Then we decided to stop trying, and I became pregnant with Katelyn. We were so blissfully happy, preparing the nursery, sharing our pictures and journaling online so our friends and family could share in the experience with us. We could not wait to meet our daughter. We were so ready!!
I went into see the OB on August 18 for my 40 week checkup, and everything was fine. I was slightly dilated and effaced, but I had been for several weeks. Katelyn’s heartbeat was nice and strong, and she was moving all over. We decided to induce Wednesday night b/c that was the soonest they could get us in. So, Wednesday night we left for the hospital, about 5 minutes from our house, carseat and bags in tow. I hadn’t felt Katelyn move AS much that day, but I was also told she wouldn’t b/c she was engaged in the birth canal already. Monday, the OB could feel her head when she checked my cervix.
So, we were being admitted, changing into the gown, getting the monitors in place. Tammy, my wonderful nurse, was having a hard time locating Katelyn’s heartbeat, and I am became very afraid. No one had ever had trouble finding it before!! She was so healthy! This couldn’t be happening!! Tammy left to page the doctor to perform an ultrasound. The OB came in, confirmed that Katelyn no longer had a heartbeat, that my sweet baby was gone. I was in complete shock. Our parents were there, came in, were told what had happened, and the rest of our family was contacted. I just wanted the doctor to cut her out of me. I couldn’t believe having to go through labor and delivery and not having my sweet girl going home with me. It was unbearable.
But then, I knew deep down, I had to take care of Katelyn. I received my epidural, the medication to begin labor, and I just calmed. I knew when it was time to deliver, and I pushed for 16 minutes before I met my sweet baby girl, Katelyn. She was beautiful, looked exactly like her daddy!! She was 5 pounds, 12 ounces, 19 inches long, and she had big hands and big feet! Now I knew what had been sticking in my ribs for the last few months, those giant feet.
We held her, had her pictures taken, and just enjoyed being with her. I couldn’t help crying and being sad b/c I knew I would never hear her cry, never see her eyes, never see her smile. I was so empty, yet so happy to finally meet my daughter. I was simply overwhelmed. I didn’t want to give her back when I finally chose to be discharged.
We opted to not have an autopsy done, and we had her buried at a cemetary very close to our home. her room has remained the same. I do not plan to change anything until God blesses us with another child. There is no replacing my Katelyn.
Since I lost Katelyn, we now know that I have a gene for a clotting disorder, called MTHFR gene. Meaning my blood can clot too much, and I do not metabolize folic acid well. So, I take folic acid and baby aspirin daily, and I will take heparin injections if I become pregnant again. We also know that I have a somewhat rare placental condition called chronic villitis of unknown etiology. This may or may not come back if I get pregnant again. Again, heparin injections are the treatment of choice.
I absolutely hate that my daughter is not here with me and her family, but I would never have known about anything of these conditions I have if I had not lost her. I miss her every second of every day. I love you, Katelyn Grace Crotty.